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the Withease team

Situated in the WithEase office in Phoenix, Arizona, our ever-growing team consists of experts in their respective fields – from strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship; to project management, marketing, and communication.

Ty Blunt - Founder/CEO

Tyler Braun - COO

Since graduating from Arizona State University, Tyler has successfully gathered skills in operational strategy, online consumer sales, data analysis, and most importantly coaching and building processes for a growing team. Tyler has had a lifelong passion for learning and athletics, and in his spare time is most likely to be found at the track, the rock gym, or at home studying psychology, philosophy, and business strategy.

Luca Luyendyk - Sales

After working with top companies, including Tesla, Luca is very comfortable with leading in a sales environment. Some reasons for his success are creating strong bonds with customers and solving their problems as if they were his own. Luca values never standing behind a company he doesn’t believe in. You’ll find Luca traveling to other parts of the world, playing soccer, and racing go-karts in his spare time.

Micah Sparks - Marketing